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ద da, The thirty-third letter, and eighteenth, consonant, in the Telugu alphabet.

దంచు dantsa, v. a. To pound, bruise, or beat in a mortar. దంగుడు dangudu, adj. Pounded.

దంట danta, s. A dexterous, clever, or intriguing person. 2. A couple, or pair. adj. Two. This word, affixed to others in composition, denotes an agent, or possessor. దంటపిల్లలు dantapillalu, Twins. దంటపడు dantapadu, To league, or combine.

దంటు dantu, s. A stalk.

దండ danda, s. A garland, wreath, or necklace of flowers, &c. Postpos. Near.

దండకము dandakamu, s. A sort of metre, the stanza of which exceeds 27 syllables, and may extend to 200.

దండగ dandaga, 5. vide దండుగ dandnga.

దండగడియములు dandagadiyamulu, s. phi. A kind of bracelet, worn by Hindoos between the shoulder and the elbow.

దండచెయ్యి dandacheyyi, s, The arm, between the shoulder and the elbow.

దండము dandamu, s. A stick, or staff. 2. Punishment, castigation. 3. A fine. 4. A measure of four cubits.

దండము dandamu, s. Prostration, salutation, compliments, respects; the joining of the palms of the hands, in token of respect.

దండాట dandata s. vide డేగాట de- gata.

దండి dandi, adj. Abundant, plentiful.

దండించు dandintsu, v. a. To punish to chastise.

దండు, దండువు dandn, danduvn, s. An arm} 7 , a military force, a camp. దండుబాట dandubata, A high road. దండెత్తు dandettu, v. n. To levy an army; to wage war. దండుగ danduga, *. A fine. 2- An r extra, and unjust assessment.

దండెము dandemu, s. A rope, &c. Upon which clothes are hung to dry.

దండ్యా dandy a, 5. A peon, under a cutwal.

దంతము dantarn n, a-. A tooth. 2. Ivory, దంతథావనము dairtadhavanamu, A tree yielding an astringent resin. Mimosa catechu. 2. A tooth brush. ,

దంతె dante, s. An implement, with i wooden teeth, used for hoeing up the ground, round corn, after the plants have risen a little in the stalk.

దందడి dandadi, adv. Exceedingly, much.

దందన, దంధన dandana? dandhana, s. Procrastination, delay, putting off by false but specious promises. 2. Indolence, tardiness, adj. Indolent, lazy.

దంపకఱ్ఱు dampakarrru, s. The plough- share with which wet ground is tilled.

దంపతులు dampatulu, s.plu. Husband and wife.

దంపు dampn, v. a. vide దంచు dantsu, s. Beating, pounding, or bruising.

దంభము dambbamu, s. Fraud, deceit, cheating. 2. Hypocrisy. 3. Sin, wickedness. 4. Arrogance, pride.

దక్కినము dakkinamu, s. The south.

దక్కు dakku, v. n. This verb is used impersonally, with the dative case, and denotes, To come into, or remain in, one's possession. 2. To be preserved. 3. To be digested.

దక్కించుకొను dakkintsukonu, v. Comp. To obtain, take, or retain possession. 2. To appropriate to one's-self what belongs to others. 3. To preserve, or defend, what is one's own. 4. To digest.

దక్కించు dakkintsu, v. Cans. To place in the possession of another. 2. To defend, or preserve what is another's.

దక్కోలు dakkolu, adj. Occupied unjustly. 2. Free of cost, gratis.

దక్కొను dakkonu, v. a. To hide, to conceal.

దగ daga, s. Thirst.

దగదగ dagadaga, s. Gleam, dazzling.

దగళా dagala, s. A double quilted jacket.

దగా daga, s. Deceit, trick, chicanery^, imposture.

దగ్గిర, దగ్గెర daggira, daggera, postpos. Near, towards, to, with. దగ్గిరించు daggiriutsu, v. n.To draw near, to approach.

దగ్గిరి daggiri, adj. Near. నాదగ్గిరలేదు nadaegiraledu, lit. It is not near me. I have not got it. దగ్గు daggu, v. «. To cough, s. A cough.

దగ్ధము da^dhamu, adj. Burnt, scorched, consumed by fire.

దచ్చి dachchi, 5. The number eight. It is used chiefly in games. దచ్చికడలు dachchikadalu, The eight points, or quarters, of the world.

దటాయించు datayintsu,#. a. To threaten, reprimand, or scold.

దట్టము dattamu, adj. Thick. 2. Close. 3. Coarse, s. A body, or multitude.

దట్టన dattna. s. Thickness. 2 Closeness. 3. Coarseness.

దట్టా dafcta, s, The covering, or cork? of large leather bottles, &c.

దట్టీ datt], s. A zone, girdle, or waist band, of cloth: a sash. దట్టీకట్టుకొను dattlkattukonu, To gird the loins; to prepare.

దడ dada, s. Fear, trembling.

దడి dadi, 5. A wall of twisted palm leaves, &c.

దణ్నెము daniiemu. s. vide దండెము dandemu.

దత్తము dattamu, adj. Given, presented, made over, assigned. 2. Adopted. 3. Preserved, protected. దత్తుడు dattudu, An adopted son. దత్తుణ్నిచేసుకొను datturmi chesukonu, To adopt. దత్తత, దత్తత్వము dattata, dattatvamu. s. Adoption.

దద్దళము daddalamu, 5. A flat ceiling.

దద్దరిల్లు, దద్దిర్లు daddirillu, daddirlu, v. w. To be alarmed, perplexed, confused, or confounded; to start.

దద్దు daddu, x. A scar: an inflamed mark on the skin, from the bite of a musquitoe, &c. దద్దరించు daddarintsu. v. n. To be scarred, or inflamed,

దద్దురు dadduru, s. The cutaneous disease, named Herpes.

దధి dadhi, s. Milk curdled, or coagulated, spontaneously, by heat, or by the addition of butter-milk. దధ్యోదనము dadhyodanamu, Boiled rice, mixed with curdled milk, and seasoned with mustard seeds, and ginger.

దనక danaka, adv. Until, as far as.

దప్పము dappamu, s. vide దట్టము dattamu.

దప్పళము dappalamu, 5. The boiled juice of tamarinds, mixed with any kind of vegetables.

దప్పి dappi, 8. Thirst. దప్పిగొను dappigonu, To be thirsty.

దఫా dapha, s. A time, or turn. 2. A certain number of peons.

దబదబ dabadaba, s. The noise of knocking, or running.

దబాయించు dabayintsu, v. a. To frighten, threaten? or alarm. దబ్బ dabba, s. A piece of split bamboo, or palm tree. 2- A slice of any fruit.

దబ్బడించు dabbadintsu, v a. To beat with open hands. 2. To close the mouth of a pot.

దబ్బనము dabbanamu, s. A bodkin; a large pack needle.

దబ్బఱ dabbarra, s. A falsehood, or lie. 2. A sort of basin, adj. False.

దబ్బిచిప్ప dabbichippa, s. A wedge, to split palmyras, &c.

దబ్బు dabbu, .?. vide దబదబ dabadaba, 2. The cover of a large pot, or vase.

దబ్బున dabbuna, ado. Quickly, immediately.

దభ్రము dabhramu, adj Little, small.

దమము damarnu, s. Self-command, self-restraint; endurance of pain- fnl austerities, mortification of the flesli. & Taming, sr

దమ్మిడీ dammid Tje quarter of a dub: five cash.

దమ్ము dammu, s. Wet ground, mud> mire. దమ్ము చేసినపొలము dammuche- sinapolamu, A field watered and prepared for plants.

దయ daya, s. Favour? goodness, regard, kindness, graciousness. 2- Pity, tenderness, clemency., compassiou. దయారసము (layarasamu, The quintessence of favour, kindness, <f దయచేయు dayacheyu, To favour, to oblige. 2. To be so good as, to do any thing-, to be graciously pleased, to do any thing. 3. To do one the honor to visit, or come.

దయాళువు dayaluvu,, adj. Favorable, compassionate, tender.

దయ్యము dayyamu, s. A deity. 2. A demon, or evil spirit. దయ్యముపట్టు dayyamupattu. An evil spirit to possess one. దయ్యము-దోలు, వదలగొట్టు dayyamu-dolu, vadalagottu, To drive out, or expel, an evil spirit.

దర dam, s. Price, value.

దరఖాస్తు darakhastu, s. A revenu 6 term, signifying a proposal, or offer a rent, or farm.

దరణము daranamu, s. An imaginary €oin, of the value of 6 dubs, or two fanams.

దరి dari, si The bank, or shore, of a river, <fec. 2. A point or end. 3. A side. 4. Support, shelter, refuse 5- Means of subsistence.

దరికొను darikonu, v. n. To be burnt,or consumed,

దరికొల్పు darikolpn. v. a. To burn, or consume. 2. To kindle.

దరిజీ dariji, s. A tailor. దరిద్రము daridramu, adj. Poor, needy, indigent, distressed. దారిద్ర్యము daridryamu, s. Poverty.

దరువు daravu, s. Time, or cadence, in music.

దరోబస్తు darobastu, adj. All, whole. adv- Entirely.

దర్బారు darbaru, 5. A court, or hall of audience- 2, A public office. దర్బారుఖర్చు darbarukhartsu, Durbar expense implies the sums paid, as bribes, to public servants; or douceurs, given to them, in general without stipulating for any positive favor, but to ensure general countenance and support.

దర్శనము darsanamu, s. Sight, seeing. 2. A visit. 3- A sastra, or one of six religious or philosophical systems; viz. The Yedanta, Sankhya, Vysheshica, Nyaya, the mimamsa and thepatanjaka.

దర్శించు darsintsu, v. a- To shew. 2. To see. 3. To visit. 4. To pay unjustly.

దలాలీ dalalf, s. Brokerage, the business of a broker. 2. A broker. దలాలీమటలు dalalimatalu. Deceitful words.

దళము dalamu, s. Thickness, solidity. 2. vide చతురంగబలము chaturanga- balamu, adj. Thick, solid. దళమెత్తు dalamettu, To levy troops. దళవాయిdalavayi, A general.

దళసరి dalasari, adj. Thick, solid, coarse, s. Thickness, solidity, coarseness.

దవడ davada, s. The jaw. 2. The cheek. దవడపండ్లు davadapandlu, The double teeth.

దవనము davanamu, s. A kind of fragrant leaf; a sort of balm.

దవాలీ davali, s. The belt of a peon.

దవు, దవ్వు davu, davvu, s. Distance.

దవుడు davudu, s. A military expedition, or incursion. 2. A gallop.

దవురు davurn, s. That part of a jacket which hangs below the waist.

దవ్వ davva, s. Pith; the soft part of wood.

దశ dasa, s. Power, authority. 2. The influence of a planet; luck, fortune. 3. A stage of life. 4. The ends of a cloth. 5. A wick.

దశకము dasakamu } arf; Numeral ten.

దశిరీపంచె dasiripanche, s. A flowered silk garment.

దస్ఖతు daskhatu, s. Signature.

దస్తకు dastaku, s. A pass, or order.

దస్తా dasta, s- A quire of paper. 2. A bundle of 24 arrows. దస్తావేజు dastavedzu, s. A document of any kind; a proof, or document, in one's own hand writing.

దస్తు dastu, s. lit. That which has reached the hand. The money collected, in contradistinction to the శిస్తు Sistu, or money outstanding unrealized. In revenue language* the dust balance is that which has been realized by some one, as the Redely, Curnnm, &c. from the Ryots, but has been withheld by them from the Government treasury; the shist balance is that which is still due by, and outstanding against, the Ryots themselves.

దస్తూరీ dasturi, s. Custom, manner.

దస్త్రము dastramu, s. A bundle of written documents, tied together in a cloth.

దహనము dahanamu, s. Fire. 2. Burning; especially the burning of a corpse.

దక్షిణ dakshina, s. A present or gift, of ready money, offered either to the deity, or to brahmans.

దక్షిణము dakshinamu, s. The south, adj. Southern. 2. Right, as distinguished from left.

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