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Seven Corners is a travel insurance provider that has beenhelping U.S. citizens traveling abroad and visitors to the U.S. with travelinsurance needs for over 25 years. The company focuses on travel medicalinsurance for U.S. citizens and trip insurance coverage. Over the past 25years, the company has been known as the go-to firm for any type of travel insuranceneeds.

Headquartered in Indiana, Seven Corners travel insurance hasbeen a staple in the travel insurance industry. The company offers 24/7customer support for its customers traveling abroad. In a world ofinternational travel, no matter what time zone a traveler is in, they canalways talk to a live agent at Seven Corners.

Click here to compare and buy travel insurance plans offered by Seven Corners or read below to learn more about the company and plans offered.

WhatTypes of Insurance Does Seven Corners Offer?

Seven Corners is a full-service travel insurance company.They offer the following types of insurance coverage for U.S. and internationaltravelers:

  • Trip Insurance
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Visa and Immigration Travel Insurance
  • Student Insurance
  • Group Travel Insurance
  • Annual Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance

Seven Corners specializes in group coverage options.However, they work with individual travelers as well to make sure they arecovered for all medical and travel emergencies while traveling abroad.


Any time you travel, trip insurance is offered. Tripinsurance is a basic necessity for anyone traveling, whether abroad or withinthe United States. Trip insurance provides several protections to help give youpeace of mind during your travels:

  • Trip cancelation. When you book a trip and haveto cancel for a wide variety of covered reasons, your trip insurance canreimburse you for the non-refundable travel expenses.
  • Lost or stolen property
  • Baggage loss or delay
  • Medical expenses
  • Medical evacuation

Seven Corners trip insurance comes in several varieties.

  1. RoundTripEconomy. This policy covers up to $10,000 of the cost of your trip if thetrip is interrupted or canceled. Missed connections receive $350 if the cruisetour is delayed by three or more hours. The change fee is $75. The policy covers$10,000 in medical expenses and $500 in lost baggage expenses. This coverage isthe lowest level of trip insurance coverage available.
  2. RoundTripChoice. This policy is the middle-of-the-road policy. It offers up to$20,000 towards cancelation or interruption vacation losses. It also provides$600 for Cruise delays of 6 or more hours, $100,000 in medical costs, and$1,500 for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage.
  3. RoundTripElite. This coverage is the best trip insurance coverage Seven Corners hasto offer. It offers up to $30,000 of reimbursed cancellation or interruptiontravel expenses, $1,500 for cruise delays of 3 or more hours, $250,000 inmedical expenses, and $2,500 for lost, damaged, or stolen baggage.
  4. RoundTripInternational Coverage. This coverage is for non-US citizens who requiretrip protection.

Seven Corners offers additional coverage as well. Thisadditional optional coverage includes:

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  • Flight accident coverage
  • Rental car damage coverage
  • Cancellation for any reason coverage
  • Cancellation for work-related reasons coverage
  • Lost ski days and equipment rental coverage
  • Lost golf rounds and equipment rental coverage

InternationalMedical Insurance

Did you know that your domestic medical insurance is typicallynot accepted overseas? If you get injured or sick while on vacation in aforeign country, your standard medical policy will not help. You can getcharged all of the expensive medical fees associated with your overseastreatment.

Seven Corners offers travel medical insurance to help protectyou against these expenses with their Liaison product series. Travel medicalinsurance will cover you if you are injured or fall ill while traveling abroad.Like most policies, you will have a small deductible. Then the policy will takecare of the rest of the expenses. For a small fee, you can have medicalinsurance coverage no matter where you are in the world.

You can also choose to take advantage of the Wanderer planoffered by Seven Corners. This plan is for frequent travelers who wish to carrythis coverage for several different trips.

The Liaison medical plans come in three levels:

  • Economy
  • Choice
  • Elite

These plans cover 100% of medical expenses for individualstraveling overseas. They also include emergency dental expenses and EmergencyServices and Assistance. Seven Corners’ policies cover in-home care while youare abroad. For instance, if you are staying in a foreign country for over amonth, you may have an injury that will require some rehab and in-home casebefore you can travel back to the United States. Your Seven Corners policy willcover these expenses.

In addition to offering medical insurance to U.S.recreational travelers traveling abroad, Seven Corners offers specific policiesfor student travelers and missionaries traveling abroad. These policies areaffordable and provide the type of coverage many of these lower-income travelersmay require while overseas.

Annual Evacuationand Repatriation Insurance

Anyone in the U.S. on a J1 Visa is required to carry aspecific type of insurance. This coverage is called Medical evacuation andrepatriation coverage. The law requires J1 Visa holders to carry $50,000evacuation insurance and $25,000 repatriation coverage.

Seven Corners offers this coverage at an affordable rate.They make it easy to obtain and even easier to use.

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Visa andImmigration Insurance

People traveling to the United States on a Visa or as animmigrant cannot get insurance coverage in the U.S. immediately. There could bea waiting period of 30 days to several months or even years. However, many ofthese travelers cannot enter the country unless they prove they have some typeof medical coverage.

Seven Corners’ Visa and Immigration Insurance provides temporaryinsurance coverage until these travelers can obtain US medical insurance.

All of these policies can also be offered as group policiesfor five or more international travelers.


Seven Corners is the first travel insurance company to offerthis type of travel insurance. Some people must travel overseas to seekspecialized medical help. BorderCross Worldwide is a specialty travel insurancethat covers this type of need for U.S. travelers.

Where DoSeven Corners Insurance Plans Fall Short Compared to Competitors?

Seven Corners is one of the best travel insurance companiesin the United States. However, it has its flaws. One of the significantdownfalls of Seven Corners is the lack of the 10-day free policy review period.Many travel companies offer their clients ten days to review the terms of thepolicy. If they are not happy with the terms of the policy, clients can returnit for a full refund.

Most Seven Corners policies do not offer this review period.This lack of review period makes it more challenging to return the policy ifyou are not pleased with the conditions.

TheOverall Seven Corners Experience

Overall, Seven Corners stands above the competition in customerservice and availability, as well as products. Their customer servicerepresentatives are always available and easy to reach.

Customers rate their experiences very positively. Users can quicklysettle claims and receive payouts without a problem. The only negative issuesreported is their cancellation policy.

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