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These essays include writings from Cornel West, Michael Omi, Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldua and Michelle Fine. The essays address the multiplicity and scope of oppressions ranging from ableism to racism and other less-well known social aberrations

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Includes bibliographical references

Section 1 : Conceptual frameworks. Introd. / Maurianne Adams ; The complexity of identity : "who am I?" / Beverly Daniel Tatum ; Identities and social locations : who am I? who are my people? / Gwyn Kirk and Margo Okazawa-Rey ; The social construction of difference / Allan G. Jonnson ; Theoretical foundations / Lee Anne Bell ; Conceptual foundations / Rita Hardiman, Bailey W. Jackson, and Pat Griffin ; Five faces of oppression / Iris Marion Young ; The cycle of socialization / Bobbie Harro ; The cycle of liberation / Bobbie Harro

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Section 2 : Racism. Introd. / Lee Anne Bell, Carmelita (Rosie) Castañeda, and Ximena Zúñiga ; Defining racism : "can we talk?" / Beverly Daniel Tatum ; A different mirror / Ronald Takaki ; Symbolic racism, history, and reality : the real problem with Indian mascots / Kimberly Roppolo ; The possessive investment in whiteness / George Lipsitz ; Heteropatriarchy and the three pillars of white supremacy : rethinking women of color organizing / Andrea Smith ; La conciencia de la mestiza : towards a new consciousness / Gloria Anzaldúa ; 50 experiences of racially mixed people / Maria P.P. Root ; Over-raided, under siege : U.S. immigration laws and enforcement destroy the rights of immigrants / Human Rights Immigrant Community Action Network ; Finding my eye-dentity / Olivia Chung ; Identification pleas / Erie Gansworth ; The Arab woman and I / Mona Fayad ; My tongue is divided into two / Quique Aviles ; The emperor's new clothes / Patricia J. Williams ; Billy Yalowitz / Billy Yalowitz ; Waking up white : what it means to accept your legacy, for better or worse / Jan Arminio ; Women, race, and racism : a dialogue in black and white / Andrea Ayvazian and Beverly Daniel Tatum ; FLEXing cross-cultural communication / Carmelita (Rosie) Castañeda ; The personal is political / Richard (Chip) Smith

Section 3 : Classism. Introd. / Maurianne Adams ; Class in America- 2006 / Gregory Mantsios ; The dangerous consequences of growing inequality / Chuck Collins, Felice Yeskel, with United for a Fair Economy and Class Action ; Race, wealth, and equality / Melvin L. Oliver and Thomas M. Shapiro ; What's debt got to do with it? / Brett Williams ; At the elite colleges / Peter Schmidt ; The debt-for-diploma system / José Garcia, James Lardner, and Cindy Zeldin ; Students with disabilities : financial aid policy issues / Thomas R. Wolanin ; The girls next door / Peter Landesman ; Unnatural disasters : race and poverty / Michael Eric Dyson ; Migrant tomato workers face chronic abuse / Mary Bauer ; Bonds of sisterhood- bonds of oppression / Mary Romero ; White poverty : the politics of invisibility / bell hooks [sic] ; Why can't everybody fear me like that? / Saint ; Classified : how to stop hiding your privilege and use it for social change / Karen Pittelman and Resource Generation ; The debt trap : given a shovel, Americans dig deeper into debt / Gretchen Morgenson ; "Classism from our mouths" and "tips from working-class activists" / Betsy Leondar-Wright ; Deep thoughts about class privilege / Karen Pittelman and Resource Generation ; Distributing income : you be the judge / Tamara Sober Giecek with United for a Fair Economy

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Section 4 : Religious oppression. Introd. / Maurianne Adams and Khyati Y. Joshi ; Christian nation or pluralistic culture : religion in American life / Charles H. Lippy ; "Afraid of ourselves" and "working it out" / Diana Eck ; Christian privilege : breaking a sacred taboo / Lewis Z. Schlosser ; Christian privilege and the promotion of "secular" and not-so "secular" mainline Christianity in public schooling and in the larger society / Warren J. Blumenfeld ; Religious oppression of Indian Americans in the contemporary United States / Khyati Y. Joshi ; Precedents : the destruction of the European Jews / Raul Hilberg ; Maps- history of anti-Semitism / Sir Martin Gilbert ; See you in court / Diana Eck ; Native American religious liberty : five hundred years after Columbus / Walter R. Echo-Hawk ; Taking the Indian out of the Indian : U.S. policies of ethnocide through education / Donald A. Grinde Jr. ; From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 : lessons from the internment of Japanese American Buddhists / Duncan Ryûken Williams ; A Somali influx unsettles Latino meatpackers / Kirk Semple ; Jews in the U.S. : the rising costs of whiteness / Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz ; Oral history of Adam Fattah / Amna Ahmed ; Oral history of Hagar Omran / Hoda Zawam ; Creating identity-safe spaces on college campuses for Muslim students / Na'ilah Suad Nasir and Jasiyah Al-Amin ; Faith-based, multiethnic tenant organizing : the Oak Park story / Russell Jeung ; Pioneers in dialogue : Jews building bridges / Reena Bernards

Section 5 : Sexism. Introd. / Heather Hackman ; "Night to his day" : the social construction of gender / Judith Lorber ; Masculinity as homophobia : fear, shame, and silence in the construction of gender identity / Michael S. Kimmel ; Patriarchy, the system : an it, not a he, a them, or an us / Allan G. Johnson ; Feminism : a movement to end sexist oppression / bell hooks ; Violence against women is a men's issue / Jackson Katz ; Out-of-body image / Caroline Heldman ; Women's pay : why the gap remains a chasm / Aaron Bernstein ; The body politic / Abra Fortune Chernik ; Connect : a web of words / Robin Morgan ; He works, she works but what different impressions they make / Gwyn Kirk and Margo Okazawa-Rey ; Girl hate / Jennifer Fennell ; The evolution of a pro-feminist / Paul C. Gorski ; To stop the violence against woman / Alice Walker ; National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) statement on healthcare for all / National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health ; Heartbroken : women of color feminism and the third wave / Rebecca Hurdis ; Stop the false race/gender divide : a call to action / Ann Russo and Melissa Spatz ; Grassroots : introduction / Winona LaDuke

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Section 6 : Heterosexism. Introd. / Warren J. Blumenfeld ; How homophobia hurts everyone / Warren J. Blumenfeld ; Biphobia / Marcia Deihl and Robyn Ochs ; The interSEXion : a vision for a queer progressive agenda / Deepali Gokhale ; Privilege / Devon W. Carbado ; Sport : where men are men and women are trespassers / Pat Griffin ; The loving decision / Anna Quinlan ; Taking the gay insults personally / Ellen Goodman ; Mestiza/o gender : notes towards a transformative masculinity / Daniel E. Solís y Martínez ; Becoming an ally : a new examination / Nancy J. Evans and Jamie Washington

Section 7 : Transgender oppression. Introd. / Chase Catalano and Davey Shlasko ; Introduction- how sex changed : a history of transsexuality in the United States / Joanne Meyerowitz ; Transgender liberation / Susan Stryker ; Mutilating gender / Dean Spade ; Trans woman manifesto / Julia Serano ; The evolution of employment discrimination protections for transgender people / Kylar W. Broadus ; Passing realities / Allie Lie ; Look! no, don't! the invisibility dilemma for transsexual men / Jamison Green ; An entire rainbow of possibilities / Gary Bowen ; Calling all restroom revolutionaries / Simone Chess, Alison Kafer, Jessi Quizar, and Mattie Udora Richardson

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Section 8 : Ableism. Introd. / Carmelita (Rosie) Castañeda, Larissa E. Hopkins, and Madeline L. Peters ; Struggle for freedom : disability rights movements / Willie V. Bryan ; Historical and cultural influences in deaf education / Janet Cerney ; Historical, theoretical, and foundational principals of universal instructional design in higher education / Susan M. Pliner and Julia R. Johnson ; The social construction of disability / Susan Wendell ; Go to the margins of the class : disability and hate crimes / Lennard J. Davis ; Why the intersexed shouldn't be fixed : insights from queer theory and disability studies / Sumi Colligan ; Mass psychiatric casualties / Dave Grossmn ; The Gulf War's troubling legacy / Gary Null ; Disability in the new world order / Nirmala Erevelles ; Gawking, gaping, staring / Eli Clare ; As much love as you can muster / Lesley A. Jones ; How to curse in sign language / Ashley and Deborah ; What I'd tell that doctor / Jason Kingsley ; In the LD bubble / Lynn Pelkey ; Toward ending ableism in education / Thomas Hehir ; Facilitating transitions to college for students with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds / Heather A. Oesterreich and Michelle G. Knight ; Learning disability identity development and social construct : a two-tiered approach / Cheryl L. Howland and Eva Gibavic ; Creating a fragrance-free zone : a friendlier atmosphere for people living with environmental illness / Invisible Disabilities Advocate ; Recognizing ableist beliefs and practices and taking action as an ally / Madeline Peters, Carmelita (Rosie) Castañeda, Larissa Hopkins, and Aquila McCants

Section 9 : Ageism and adultism. Introd. / Keri DeJong and Barbara J. Love ; Understanding adultism : a key to developing positive youth-adult relationships / John Bell ; "Look out, kid, it's something you did" : the criminalization of children / Bernadine Dohrn ; Police make life hell for youth of color / Kathy Durkin ; Ageism : another form of bigotry / Robert N. Butler ; Aging with disabilities : ageism and more / Debra J. Sheets ; Black elderly / Center on Aging Studies, University of Missouri- Kansas City ; Regardless of what you were taught to believe- there is nothing wrong with you : for teens / Cheri Huber ; Elder liberation draft policy statement / Marge Larabee ; People of color over fifty / Dottie Curry ; Adultism / Paul Kivel ; Allies to young people : tips and guidelines on how to assist young people to organize / Jenny Sazama with help from teens in Boston ; Hidden in plain sight : the problem of ageism in public schools / Gloria Graves Holmes ; What allies of elders can do / Patricia Markee

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Section 10 : Working for social justice: visions and strategies for change. Introd. / Ximena Zúñiga ; Reflections on liberation / Suzanne Pharr ; Developing a liberatory consciousness / Barbara J. Love ; Toward a new vision : race, class, and gender / Patricia Hill Collins ; What can we do? / Allan G. Johnson ; Prison writings : my life is my sundance / Leonard Peltier ; Allies / Gloria E. Anzaldúa ; Social struggle / Chip Smith ; Interrupting the cycle of oppression : the role of allies as agents of change / Andrea Ayvazian ; Bridging differences through dialogue / Ximena Zúñiga ; Unite and rebel! : challenges and strategies in building alliances / Elizabeth (Betita) Martínez ; Top 10 youth activism victories in 2007 / Nicole McClelland and Kristina Rizga


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5. 200 Ways to make a living as a writer in Digital Age
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