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ConsumersAdvocate.orgRating: 4.4 / 5 (Excellent)

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Seven Corners is a privately held specialty insurance company based in Carmel, Indiana that offers a full range of coverage options for domestic and international travelers. Customers can customize coverage to suit their travel plans, their concerns and their budgets by selecting among nine plans and adding specialty riders as required. Coverage for COVID-19-related cancellations and medical expenses are included in several of the company's plans. Seven Corner's policies are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company and Lloyd's of London, both solid companies that are A-rated by AM Best.

A Review of Seven Corners Travel Insurance Review (1)


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Price & Reputation

Overall Rating: 4.4 / 5 (Excellent)

Seven Corners is an excellent choice for both domestic and international travelers. The company was recently recognized as a Five Star company by Forbes magazine and, like many other travel insurance companies, has updated its coverage to provide financial protection due to pandemic-related events. Seven Corners has a strong consumer focus and maintains a small-company ethos, despite being backed by large financially-solid underwriters such as Lloyds of London and United States Fire Insurance Company.While Seven Corners does not offer the same concierge services some of its competitors do, it provides the most essential types of coverage for our times, including trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel medical, and lost or delayed baggage benefits. COVID-19 related cancellations and medical treatment are covered under Seven Corners some but not all Seven Corners plans. Customers are advised to read policies carefully before choosing one.The company recently earned a 5-star rating in Forbes magazine's review of top travel insurance companies and earns an excellent rating from users on Trustpilot.

Seven Corners Plans & Coverage

Coverage - 4.2 / 5

Seven Corners offers a choice of nine plans. With as many options as they provide, it's likely you'll be able to find one that suits your travel plans and budget. Standard coverages, included with all policies, are trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical and evacuation services, and loss of personal property. The company also protects you against weather- and terrorism-related losses and offers riders for such concerns as rental car collision coverage, sporting events cancellation due to weather, extreme sports injuries, and more.Depending on the policy you select, your coverage limits will vary. Seven Corners' most protective plan includes coverage of $500,000 in medical expenses and $1 million in medical evacuation and repatriation costs. Some of Seven Corner's less expensive plans do require policyholders to pay a deductible on medical expenses, ranging from $250 to $500. We also noted that Seven Corners is fairly restrictive when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions, with an unusually long look-back period of anywhere from 20 days to twelve months, depending on the policy you select. If you suffer from chronic or recurrent illness, this might be an important factor to consider.

Available Plans


Trip Cancelation/ Interruption



Accidental Death


Trip Cancellation/Interruption Coverage

Injury/Illness/Death of Traveler

Natural Disaster at Destination

Terrorism/Evacuation at Destination

Cfar Coverage (Cancel for Any Reason)

Relocation or Layoff by Employer

Emergency Medical Coverage

Doctor, Hospital, or Other Licensed Provider


Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation

Transport Family Member to Bedside

Transport Children Home

Baggage Coverage


Baggage Delay Coverage

Emergency Medical Coverage Details

Emergency Medical Pre-Existing Condition Coverage
Maximum Emergency Medical Reimbursement


Maximum Emergency Medical Evacuation Reimbursement


Deductible for Emergency Medical Coverage

Baggage Coverage Details

Maximum Baggage Reimbursement


Valuable Item Limit


Receipts Required for Valuable items
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Seven Corners Financial Strength

Financial Strength - 4.5 / 5

Seven Corners is a privately held company not rated by any of the big three financial rating agencies.However, its policies are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company and Lloyd's of London. Both companies earn A ratings for financial strength and are considered stable entities by AM Best.


United States Fire Insurance Company, Lloyd's of London

Standard & Poor's Financial Rating


AM Best Financial Rating


Seven Corners Price & Reputation

Price & Reputation - 4.6 / 5

Although Seven Corners does not have a rating with the BBB, it has a robust presence on TrustPilot and earns 4.1 out of 5 stars from consumers who've reviewed the company. We note thatthe company is diligent in responding to reviews, which suggests it is keenly committed to customer service and engagement.

BBB Rating


Date Collected


Seven Corners Customer Assistance Services

Extra Benefits - 4.5 / 5

The Seven Corners' website has a wealth of well-organized travel information that exceeds what many of its competitors offer. The company also offers assistance with inoculation and visa requirements, medical record translation, and assistance in locating medical care.

24/7 Support
Mobile App
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Travel Assistance Services

  • Rebooking
  • Lost Passport/Document Assistance
  • Translation Services
  • Up to the Minute Travel Advisories

Emergency Medical Assistance Services

  • Physician Referral
  • Emergency Medical Case Management
  • Arrange Medical Payment Where Available
  • Shipment of Medical Records

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Concierge Assistance Services

  • Weather Advisories

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29 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Supriya J

(Video) Seven Corners Trip Insurance Customer Story


I bought this travel insurance after having tried IMG, which was not bad, but I was wanting even better coverage. Turns out this insurance is good for nothing and they will guzzle your money and give you zilch in return. Their customer service is poorer than I even care to talk about. When it comes to my claims, my mother who visited me for 6 months had an episode of syncope, she stopped responding, and I called 911 in an emergency, post which the hospital ordered tests and follow up visits. Every claim is related to investigative tests. Seven Corners rejected EACH and EVERY claim saying they don't cover immunizations and routine tests. Excuse me? Who said any of the claims were... Read More


Rebecca S


I filed a claim back in July 2022 for a portion of the tour I'd booked with Go Ahead Tour Companies that I was unable to take because of being diagnosed with COVID. 7 corners response indicated they receive the claim on August 15. I have been diligently following up to see WHEN I can expect any resolution to my claim. All I get for e-mails and calls I make is they've received a "high volume of claims", but nothing more. Believe me, I have told Go Ahead I will make no further tours with them unless and until I get some compensation for the nearly $500.00 I paid out in insurance. In the future I will NOT accept or pay for any insurance through 7 Corners. I'd rather pay for different... Read More




This year we bought two policies with John Hancock (Silver Plan) and its servicing contractor Seven Corners. Seven Corners and John Hancock paid less than half of our legitimate COVID claim, after interpreting policy terms in their favor. Learn from our mistake and ensure you get coverage only from a trustworthy insurer that honors its policy obligations. Trust is the name of the game in insurance. On 6/5/22 when my husband and I tested positive for COVID in London during the U.S. travel ban, I immediately called John Hancock's servicing contractor Seven Corners to verify our applicable coverage type and dollar limits. Their friendly representative K. told me that we were covered under... Read More




Filed claim in august its now in December and I'm still waiting , I was told their are no documentation outstanding and they are just delayed over 3months before reviewing this is disheartening this should be something that is disclosed prior to purchase so we can have a informative decision when selecting a company. They need to inform {that god forbid you have to file a claim , your claim will not even be reviewed for atleast 3 months } we purchase insurance hoping not to have to use it but for the peace of mind if their is an emergency and you have to use it i keep saying im just glad i was not out the country



I purchased the Bronze package through Squaremouth/SevenCorners, which John Hancock underwrote. I've always sensed that John Hancock is a robust insurance company. I was in Mexico and became extremely ill. I spent four days in a hospital there. Once I was somewhat stable, I returned to the U.S.A., where I spent another nine days in a hospital. I have to pay nearly $11,000 out-of-pocket. I filed my claim and all the requested documents on 01/03/2022. Today is day 164 since filing the claim. I have called, emailed, and done everything I can to see what is happening. The standard answer (perhaps the only answer) is "it's still under review." I kind of screwed myself by leaving... Read More




Sevencorners is largely a scam. They are unlikely to cover any claim. Stay away. I wasted a ton of funds on travel insurance that ended up being worthless.



(Video) Travel Insurance Tips: 7 Things to Know Before You Buy

My travel provider reduced longevity of the trip and its total cost by $8,000. This reduction corresponds to about $800 reduction in the required premium. However, the Seven Corners Co., administrator of the policy, is refusing to refund that excess of the premium that I originally paid. How come? As a result, I am subsidizing cost of the insurance company's risk in the case. Can't find anything in the policy that would support position of the administrator.



I'm very disappointed as I feel the upper management of this company hides behind email. My luggage was delayed more than 24 hours and their policy claims that it does not pay for delayed luggage. Only lost. In which case, even if it was lost, you'd need receipts of everything in order for reimbursement of what was lost. The clothes, toiletries, etc., would be on your own dime. Not a way to enjoy a vacation! Additionally, in my instance, I was told my claim was being expedited. The total was $205, Sept 2021. After many hours of being on hold and given the "its being expedited" remark, the claim was denied 2/14/22 via email to my wife's account. Yet, all the dealings was with me.... Read More



We paid in full and were sold a cancellation insurance policy for my son's trip through EF Explore who canceled the trips twice despite other people still traveling during this time. 2 years later my son no longer attends the school and EF only wants to offer a voucher for the full amount. They refunded all but $350 and told me directly that I would need to file a claim for all but the registration I paid them from Seven Corners and the policy amount for trip insurance for the $150. I filed a claim in early October. On October 20 I finally received a response they needed more information which was sent immediately. I did not get a response until I reached out on their Facebook post about... Read More


Darrylynn N


I was paying for a trip for me and my mom to travel to South Africa on February 16, 2023. Due to the complications that COVID caused me economically, I was unable to financially continue making the payments. I had paid extra for AnyReason Travel . About two months ago I had to apply for unemployment and began looking at others ways to decrease my debts. So once my inability to financially pay on the trip occurred I contacted EF GoAhead Tours to cancel the trip. I was told that I needed to contact the travel insurance company, Seven Corners, who in turn asked me to go back to EF Tours. For a minute I was being played like a ping pong ball because neither wanted to take full responsibility... Read More

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A Review of Seven Corners Travel Insurance Review (3)

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  • A Forbes 5-star company for 2021
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  • Choose domestic or international trip coverage
  • Cancel for any reason policies available

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